Kindle Romance While Seeking The Necronomicon In This Visual Novel


As Tetsuo Kobayashi, son of Kyoto University’s leading historian and a member of the Culture Research Club, players will find themselves embroiled in a story of supernatural powers (and romance among friends) in visual novel Bunka no Kenkyu – Revival of Queen Leyak –.


In Bunka no Kenkyu – Revival of Queen Leyak –, Tetsuo stumbles across his father’s research notes on the Necronomicon after the family moves to Bali. The notes point to pages of the book being scattered there somewhere, which Tetsuo brings to the attention of his friends at the Culture Research Club. They all decide to look into the cursed pages together, heading out onto the island to see what they can find despite the danger the pages hold, and what dealing with Queen Leyak, the most powerful being in the Balinese spirit realm, may mean for them.

Players will help guide the relationship between Tetsuo and the three friends who share his journey, while also leading their investigation. These relationships will not only affect the interconnection between characters, but may also take the story down different paths as Tetsuo focuses on aspects of his life other than the search for Necronomicon pages.


The first act of Bunka no Kenkyu – Revival of Queen Leyak – is available now on Steam. The following two acts will be released as free add-ons to the main game.

Alistair Wong
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