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Kinetica And Wild Arms 3 Join The PlayStation 4’s Other PlayStation 2 Games


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Today, both Kinetica and Wild Arms 3 are available on the PlayStation 4. Both games originally launched on the PlayStation 2, with Kinetica appearing  first in 2001, followed by Wild Arms 3 in 2002. They’re particularly notable, as the former was the first to use the Kinetica game engine and the latter with as the first Wild Arms RPG on the PlayStation 2.


In Santa Monica Studio’s Kinetica, players control one of nine characters wearing a Kinetic Suit. This allows someone to become a human motorcycle, as there are wheels on the hands and feet. You go through fifteen tracks and seasons, racing along roads, walls, and even ceilings, in an attempt to be the first to reach the finish line. The game also offers people power-ups and the ability to perform stunts as they race to get boosts.


Wild Arms 3 is a JRPG with a spaghetti western and steampunk setting. Players follow a group of four drifters made up of Virginia, Gallows, Jet, and Clive. Each one wields an ARM, a weapon that’s essentially a magical gun and allows them to invoke Guardians. The four of them must work together to protect their home planet, Filgaia, against other drifters and people who would work to achieve their goals to alter the world, no matter what the cost.


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Kinetica and Wild Arms 3 are immediately available on the PlayStation Store in North America. Kinetica is $9.99, though PlayStation Plus members can temporarily get it for $7.49 until May 24, 2016. Wild Arms 3 is $14.99, but also momentarily reduced down to $11.24 for PlayStation Plus members until May 24, 2016. Both games have been up-rendered to 1080p and include trophies.

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