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In Kinetik, Custom Drones Back Up Team-Based Shooter Tactics



The three character classes in Kinetik will each have their own customizable, craftable drones that will back them up during the game’s tactical, team-based shooter action.




Kinetik offers three character classes – assault, recon, and engineer – each with their own abilities that grow with experience gained in completed matches. These classes work in a rock/paper/scissors style, with each one being strong to one type and weak to another, requiring teamwork to use these strengths and weaknesses to finish a stage or online shootout.




Each class has their own career paths on top of their skill trees, allowing for customization in that class’ use in a firefight. Players can also craft new gear and better firepower through found blueprints, further enhancing their fighter how they wish.




Each character class has its own unique drones as well. These add further complexity to combat by adding more AI helpers or opponents, each crafted by the player and also enhanced with new equipment gained from won matches.




All of this comes together in cover-based shootouts in 16v16 online matches or smaller, cooperative objective-based missions. Communication will be key in Kinetik due to the rock/paper/scissors class system, but also because no place is safe forever due to cover being destructible. Players can also breach walls, so even the safest corridor might not stay that way for long.



Kinetik is intended to be cross-platform between PC, Xbox One, and PS4, although it will launch for computer first with later launches coming to console. It is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter.

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