King Dedede Will Die Unless You Look After Him In This Pet Sim



Artist Paperbeatsscissors has released the 0.1 version of their virtual pet sim featuring King Dedede. You can play it for free in your browser.


If you’ve ever had a Tamagotchi you should know how this works. King Dedede will sit there, in the middle of the screen, breathing heavy. Every now and then he’ll walk around, take a poop, and will cry like a newborn child. It’s your role to ensure all his needs are met.


This is done by clicking on the items along the top of the screen to feed Dedede or tell him to sleep. You have to click on the poop to get rid of it while poking Dedede will wake him up or otherwise alarm him.



“dedede’s are very fragile, clumsy, and stupid. he will most likely die,” writes Paperbeatsscissors. That’s a fair warning. If you neglect King Dedede while he strolls around in your browser tab he will die quite suddenly. He has three lives so it’s not the end of the world, but you will be considered a careless guardian of a most magnificent penguin.


More features will be added to this pet sim in the future. Check out Paperbeatsscissor’s Tumblr for more updates and lots of cute art.

Chris Priestman