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The King of Fighters XIV Has Free PS4 Themes For Yagami, Newcomers, And Many Others



Atlus USA released three new PS4 themes for The King of Fighters XIV in North America with “Yagami,” “Newcomers,” and “K’&Kula.” There are plenty of other free themes that are also currently up for grabs.


First, here’s a look at the three new themes that just released. [Thanks, DualShockers.]


KOFXIV_PS4_Theme-3 KOFXIV_PS4_Theme-4


KOFXIV_PS4_Theme-5 KOFXIV_PS4_Theme-6


KOFXIV_PS4_Theme-1 KOFXIV_PS4_Theme-2


In addition to the three new themes above, here are a bunch of other King of Fighers XIV PS4 themes you can grab for free:

The King of Fighters XIV is available for PlayStation 4.

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