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The King Of Fighters XIV New DLC Character And Stage Announced


najd 2

Earlier in November, Saudi Arabian artist Mashael Al-Barrak won a character design contest organized by Manga Productions in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, and U.A.E., with the winning design being used for one of SNK’s fighting games. It turns out that this character, named ‘Najd’ in her design, will be upcoming DLC for The King of Fighters XIV, which is currently available for PlayStation 4, PC and arcades.


The fighter will come with a new stage, called ‘Masmak Fort Arena’. The stage concept design came from another winning design from the contest, designed by Zainab Al-Lawaty from Oman.


snk best stage

Current SNK Chairman Zhihui Ge presented the awards to the two winners of the contest.


snk mashael

Ms. Mashael Al-Barrak (middle), Mr. Zhihui Ge (right)


snk zainab

Ms. Zainab Al-Lawaty (middle), Mr. Zhihui Ge (right)


SNK Chairman Zhihui Ge commented on the contest, saying that SNK would like to be closer with their Middle Eastern fans with this Arabian character, and that they would like to train new young creators and bring worldwide content with the help of Manga Productions from now on as well.


The King of Fighters XIV is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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