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The King Of Fighters XIV Team Ikari Warriors Trailer Shows Ralf, Clark, and Leona


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The latest The King of Fighters XIV brings back another group of returning favorites. Team Ikari Warriors features Colonel Ralf Jones, Lieutenant Clark Still, and professional operator Leona Heidern. The team name comes from Ikari Warriors, the run and gun shooter from which Ralf and Clark originate. Though, it could just as easily been called Team Metal Slug, since all three characters have appeared in that game too.



Here’s what we know about Team Ikari Warriors’ members.


  • Ralf Jones: Ralf is the head of Team Ikari Warriors. He’s known as “The One-Man Army” and has a moveset that includes mercenary combat and Heidern assassination techniques. He’s also quite fond of both guns and gum. He’s taking his team to the tournament to learn more about Antonov and the other fighters.


  • Clark Still: Clark is a former spy who’s never seen without his sunglasses. He’s been by Ralf’s side for years. Like Ralf, he also has a nickname, which is “Tough & Cool.” His fighting style is also described as being akin to a mercenary and using the Heidern assassination techniques.


  • Leona Heidern: Leona is known as “The Sillent Soldier” and is Commadner Heidern’s adopted daughter. Which means she also uses Heidern assassination techniques, as well as martial arts. Her first appearance was in The King of Fighters ‘96.


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The King of Fighters will arrive on PlayStation 4s in North and South America on August 23, 2016. It will come to Japan on August 25, 2016 and Europe on August 26, 2016.

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