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The King of Fighters XIV Trailer Shows Verse’s Explosive Power


Verse King of Fighters XIV


Atlus has released another The King of Fighters XIV trailer, but this one features some spoilers for those who haven’t completed story mode just yet. Verse is the mysterious final boss in the game. Although details about him are scarce, his powers seem to be derived from the souls of others. Verse hails from another dimension and has come to the tournament to gather more souls. His explosive moves, many of which resemble those of Shun’ei, are put on display in the video below.



The King of Fighters XIV has launched globally earlier this month, and Siliconera has taken an in-depth look at the Party Vs. mode, character stories, and the pachinko heroines.


Other King of Fighters XIV reports give an overview of Team Another World, Team Japan, Team Yagami, Team Fatal Fury, Team Art of Fighting, Team Kim, Team Villains, Team Official Invitation, Team South America, Team Mexico, Team South Town, Team China, Team Psycho Soldier, and Team Ikari Warriors.


The world’s best King of Fighters XIV player will be determined at the World Championships in January 2017. SNK will invite top players from across the globe to compete in the event.