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The King of Fighters XIV Videos Compare New Graphics With Yuri, Leona, Kyo, And Iori



SNK recently released The King of Fighter XIV’s demo for Ver. 1.10 with upgraded graphics in Japan, but since we don’t have it in the West yet,, here’s a closer look with some new comparison videos via YouTube user Sennen War. [Thanks, Shoryuken.]


The new demo has seven characters out of Kyo, Iori, Shun’ei, King of Dinosaurs, Terry, Leona, and Yuri. Here’s a look at four of the characters and their graphics comparison videos.










As previously reported, Ver. 1.10 features  improved overall graphics with upgrade to aspects such as shaders and lighting, as well as an increase in character color variations from 4 to 6. You can check out more in our earlier report.


The King of Fighters XIV is available on PlayStation 4. The Ver 1.10 update launches on January 11, 2017.

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