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The King Of Fighters XIV’s New Trailer Shows Off All Four New Characters In Version 3.00


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SNK released a new trailer that shows off more of the four new DLC characters who are joining The King of Fighters XIV today, as well as the patch notes for Version 3.00.


Here’s the trailer below:


Here are the general changes in Version 3.00:

  • Fixed an issue allowing to keep charging charged special moves if a direction key was pressed at a certain timing after special moves are successfully charged.


  • Throws don’t work anymore from the beginning of a guard stance and until blocking any opponent attack.


  • Emergency Evasion, Guard Cancel Emergency Evasion, and Moving Distance properties have been standardized for all characters.


  • Hit Stop duration on guard stances specific to guard points against certain projectiles has been changed.


  • Collision coefficients for opponents stunned in the air have been changed.


For character-specific changes, you can find them at this link here.


The King of Fighters XIV is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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