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Kingdom Hearts Acrylic Mirrors Look Like Stained Glass

Acrylic mirrors that look like the stained glass pillars from Kingdom Hearts are now available at the Square Enix store. As a note, it does not appear that the North American Square Enix store offers these mirrors.

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There are nine variations in total. You can get mirrors of:

  • Aurora
  • Belle
  • Birth By Sleep
  • Cinderella
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Melody of Memory
  • Princesses
  • Snow White
  • Union χ

Each mirror costs 1980 JPY (about $12.25) and will come out on September 21, 2024 in Japan. As a reminder, the Japanese Square Enix store does not offer international shipping. The materials for these mirrors are acrylic and metal, and there’s a chain so you can hang it from your keys or bag.

The ones focusing on the princess just depict them on their own. As for the ones that are for a particular game, it shows the protagonist. The murals for the princesses look like regular Disney merchandise. However, those who played Kingdom Hearts (as in literally the first game) might find them familiar, as it’s the same stained glass design that you walk around on in Dive to the Heart.

The Kingdom Hearts series traditionally combines Final Fantasy and Disney characters in an original story. In the first game, the series introduces us to the concept of Princesses of Heart, who are the main female protagonists from classic Disney animated movies (except Kairi who is an original character to Kingdom Hearts). The reason why characters like Alice and Jasmine don’t have a stained glass is because they hadn’t been captured yet at the start of the game when Sora first sees the murals in his Dive to the Heart.

The Kingdom Hearts stained glass acrylic mirrors are available for pre-order in the Square Enix store.

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