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As everyone knows, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is really made up of three complimentary stories that chronicles the adventures of the three keyblade users Terra, Ven and Aqua. Siliconera’s already given a quick peek at how Terra and Ven’s journeys begin, Now it’s time to see how Keyblade Master Aqua’s story goes. Her tale is chronologically last, meaning there are many more spoilers – especially since she’s the one to quite a few of the problems that have popped up in the worlds. So once again I’ll try to be intentionally vague when discussing how her journey begins, and all spoilers will be in white text. Also, the whole story itself is vaguely spoilerish, so if you want to go in to Birth By Sleep not knowing anything, then you may not want to keep reading.


In the opening moments of Aqua’s story, she manages to pass the keyblade examination given by Master Eraqus and observed by Master Xehanort, becoming Master Aqua. She’s also present when Eraqus reveals to Terra and her that Unversed are appearing throughout the worlds and Xehanort has suspiciously disappeared. She’s the third to leave the Land of Departure though, as Eraqus asks that she not only take care of any Unversed she comes across and keep an eye out for Xehanort, but also look after Terra to make sure the darkness doesn’t overcome him and also help protect and strengthen the hearts of the Princesses of Heart. She also watches Terra depart, and Ven decide to take off after him. she tries to stop him, but fails, and ends up being tasked with bringing him home.


The first land Aqua arrives in is the Castle of Dreams, Cinderella’s world. She’s entranced with it’s appearances, and arrives just as a bell tolls and a woman in a gown runs past, being chased by a man in a noble suit. Aqua then hears Terra’s voice. She tells him how Ven also took off and asks if Terra’s seen him. She also asks if he’s found Master Xehanort yet. Terra says he’s had no luck, and leaves. Terra tells her that Cinderella is there, and is the Princess of Heart Aqua should look for. Terra then leaves and Aqua goes further into the castle. Also, I found it adorable that "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" is the background music as Aqua explores the castle.



Aqua finds the ballroom, where she discovers that a glass slipper has been left behind by a woman that Prince Charming has become enchanted with. Aqua realizes that this is the Cinderella that Terra was talking about, and then follows them on their search of the kingdom to find the girl who fits the slipper. When they get to Cinderella’s family’s home, Aqua meets Cinderella’s fairy godmother. It turns out Cinderella’s stepmother has locked her in a room. Aqua is shrunk down so she can help Jaq the mouse, who has the key to the room, set Cinderella free. She has to protect him though, as there are lots of unversed in the house.


Aqua and Jaq eventually reach Cinderella and set her free. Then, Aqua returns to her normal size and gets the Grand Duke to meet with her. Even though her stepmother breaks the shoe the Grand Duke brought, Cinderella still has the other one. It seems like everything’s going to go well, but Aqua still has to protect Cinderella from unversed. Plus, the stepmother summons an unversed boss that looks like Cinderella’s carriage from the ball gone horribly wrong. Aqua steps in and defeats it, allowing Cinderella to get her happy ending.


Aqua’s still worried though. After all Master Eraqus warned her about the darkness that rests inside Terra and wonders if it could overwhelm him or cause him harm. She voices this concern when talking to Cinderella’s Godmother. The Godmother says that Aqua shouldn’t be too worried, because if it hadn’t been for Terra, Aqua wouldn’t have found her way here and Cinderella wouldn’t have been reunited with her prince.Cinderella and Prince Charming dance as Aqua heads off to the next world.

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