Square Enix’s re-release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has a number of additions that weren’t in the Japanese version. What’s new in Final Mix? Here’s a list.


– English voice acting

– A secret episode with a new map

– Sticker album

– Skull board, a Peter Pan command board

– D-Link with Pete

– Several boss battles

– A new song for the Rhythmic Ice mini-game

– A new course for the Rumble Racing mini-game

– Several missions (like the Monstro one)

– Co-op skills for multiplayer


Also, a code to download Cloud’s Kingdom Hearts costume for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy is included in the game’s first run.




Some of these features like the Crown Stickers, one of the boss battles, and of course English voice acting were in the Western release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix comes out on January 20 in Japan.


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