Kingdom Hearts Engagement Ring Incorporates The Oathkeeper Design



How’d you like to propose to your love with an engagement ring based on Kingdom Hearts? While it may not look it at first, the ring pictured above actually incorporates the design of the RPG’s iconic Oathkeeper keyblade (thanks RocketNews).


It’s the work of Takayas Custom Jewelry – who has also created jewlry based on Sailor Moon and The Legend of Zelda – who was asked by a client called Cory to create an engagement ring for his girlfriend Sheila with “a heart shaped center stone surrounded by two Keyblades.”


Cory didn’t specify which keyblades he wanted Takayas to use, though, so he decided to go with the Oathkeeper as it symbolizes Sora and Kairi’s bond.


“The Oathkeeper’s hilt frames the center stone on each side, and the blade forms the rest of the band,” explains the Takayas blog. “Takayas designed the ring’s band in 14K white gold, and  he used 14K yellow gold accents to create contrast and draw attention to the iconic feathered guard. It was a little challenging to fit so many details into such a small surface area, so he used the hilt in the front of the band and the head of the blade in the back of the band.”


The ring was ready for New Year’s Eve and was presented to Sheila who said yes to Cory’s proposal of marriage. That’s two Kingdom Hearts fans happy in love.

Chris Priestman