Kingdom Hearts Is Getting Fancy Jewelry From U-Treasure By K. Uno In Japan



U-Treasure by K. Uno is a brand that creates made-to-order jewelry based on pop culture characters and series, and their next set of fancy (and pricey) accessories is all about Kingdom Hearts.


According to the jeweler, their project with Kingdom Hearts started thanks to their collaboration with Disney back in 2010. So far, we’ve seen them make various jewelry from other popular franchises such as Pokémon, Sanrio Characters, One Piece, and many others.


The company decided to do some work with Kingdom Hearts after receiving many requests from fans.


Here’s a look at what kind of Kingdom Hearts jewelry the company will be offering as part of the latest collaboration:



First is the “Solitaire Ring” that has a heart motif and a representation of Kingdom Hearts’ world. This one will go for 88,000 yen for the 950 platinum, 78,000 yen for the K18, yellow/gold, and 29,000 for the silver.



The next one has a Keyblade motif and come in a pair for couples with the “Kingdom Chain” and “Kingdom Chain Darkside.” The set goes for 210,000 yen for the 950 platinum x K18 yellow gold, or 185,000 yen for the K18 white x yellow gold. There will also be a set of silver rings for a more affordable 30,000 yen.




The above images give us another look at the Solitaire Ring as well as the Kingdom Chain and Kingdom Chain Darkside rings.





Here’s a look at the “Kingdom Chain” (left) and “Kingdom Chain Darkside” (right) necklaces. These go for 65,000 yen for the K18 white x yellow gold or 32,000 yen for the silver x K10 yellow gold. It also comes with in silver for 15,000 yen.






A couple fan-favorite Keyblades are also being made into necklaces with the”Oblivion” (left) and “Oathkeeper” (right). These will be available for 65,000 yen in K18 white gold or 12,000 yen in silver.




Last but not least, we have the “Heart Necklace” (left) and the “Sora Charm Necklace” (right). These will be available for 48,000 yen in K18 yellow gold, 28,000 yen in K10 yellow gold, and 10,000 yen in silver.


The Kingdom Hearts jewelry and accessories are available for Research at the U-Treasure Pop Up Shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo, or through U-Treasure’s online shop.

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