Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] Shares A First Look At Some Screenshots



Square Enix recently revealed that they’re developing a smartphone version of their free-to-play browser title Kingdom Hearts X[chi], as Kingdom Hearts Uncahined X[chi]. Famitsu provides a first look at the upcoming new version of the game.



According to the press release, the meaning of Unchained comes not only from the meaning of “unlocked” with the X (chi or also read as “key”) but it also means that players will be “unchained” and will get to play on the go with their smartphones.



Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] is the first Kingdom Hearts title for smartphones, and the player will take on the role of a Keyblade Master during the Great Keyblade War. In the game, they’ll get to enhance their Keyblades, collect character medals, and explore various Disney worlds with their own style.


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The story progresses by clearing stages, and boasting a “1-turn Finish” system, which is based on the speedy battle system that lets you complete fights in a small number of turns. Again, parts of the story weaves into Kingdom Hearts III.

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] share worlds with the browser version, Kingdom Hearts X[chi], and Square Enix are preparing something special for those who play both versions of the game.



The above is a look at some of the special avatar collection, some that you can carry over from the browser version of the game.


Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[chi] will release in Japan sometime in 2015 for Android and iPhone.

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