Kingdom Hearts Union Cross End of Service Postponed to June

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross End of Service Postponed

Service for Kingdom Hearts Union Cross will continue until June 17, 2021. Originally, service for Kingdom Hearts Union Cross was set to end on April 30, 2021. However, it has been extended in order to properly release the ending, which will now be delivered in two parts. Additionally, this means the postponement of the offline mode for Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account announced in February 2021 that service for the mobile game would be coming to a close. However, an offline mode will be available for users to access. That being said, some changes will still affect the game once services ends. The medal system from from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and playable segments will be unavailable. Players will still be able to access the story through a special theater mode, which will contain the events of the game. Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will stay entirely playable however. Details regarding the finale of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross will be revealed at a later date.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Dark Road are immediately available for Android and iOS devices. Service will end for Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Dark Road on June 17, 2021. Both a theater and offline mode will be available.

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