Kingdom Hearts Union χ Kicks Off Its Incredibles 2 Collaboration



The Kingdom Hearts series’ smartphone RPG, Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], just kicked off its latest collaboration event, and it features Incredibles 2 from from Pixar.


During the limited-time event, Keyblade-wielders will get to check out the following:


Banner Medals


The Parr family from Incredibles 2, including Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, and Dash, are now available as powerful new Medals.


High Score Challenge

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Keyblade wielders can climb up the rankings in this special event to receive “Bob & Jack-Jack” Medals.


VIP Rewards

“Incredibles 2” Medals can be obtained by purchasing the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza bundle.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] is available on iOS and Android. The Incredibles 2 event will be available until August 19, 2018. Additionally, now through August 9, 2018, players can band together to challenge the limited time Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days event. By completing event goals, all players can earn up to 3,000 Jewels, a valuable in-game currency.

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