Kinoko Nasu Says Fate/Grand Order Is Only Halfway Through Arc 2

Fate/Grand Order

The latest issue of Famitsu featured an interview with Fate franchise creator Kinoko Nasu and character designer Takashi Takeuchi for Fate/Grand Order ‘s fifth anniversary. Nasu revealed how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the plans for the game and noted how far into the second arc the game is. This is especially pertinent, considering that Nasu stated multiple times that the game’s story will likely end after Arc 2. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]

Here are some of the statements Nasu made in the interview:

  • I wanted to make the self-homage to Kara no Kyoukai a major plot point for Chapter 5 [of Arc 2].
  • Due to the coronavirus, we’ve had to work remotely, and as such our development schedule changed.
  • Speaking of summer [2020] events, there’s another event that we always do every year. This time, we’re planning to theme it after ”that.”
  • With this genre, people will freak out if we take it seriously, so it will be a comical event in FGO.
  • [Regarding Lostbelt 5] Since before the launch of Fate/Grand Order, we’ve wanted to add the twelve major Greek gods as robots so the twelve would combine into one giant robot.
  • Zeus isn’t the face, but is instead the privates. While the design is a bit forced, taken by itself it’s quite funny… no, cool!
  • The ending of FGO will probably strongly push the fact that ”this is the end.”
  • People are wondering if there are only two chapters left and seem to be underestimating me, so I’d like to say that the end of the Olympus chapter marks only the halfway point of Arc 2.
  • Lostbelt 5.5 will be released in the second half of 2020.
  • Actually, even with just 6-7 chapters, we wouldn’t be able to cash in on all the foreshadowing we’ve laid down up until now. (laughs)
  • The Lostbelt 6 Servant might shock everyone.

Takeuchi made the follow statements in the Famitsu interview:

  • We’ve mostly returned to our previous working style. The overall schedule has still been stretched out. The number of years that it will take to complete the story has been extended by a large amount.
  • There’s a Servant in Lostbelt 6 that I really want to announce as soon as possible.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android devices. Recently the global version began celebrating its 3rd anniversary.

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