Kirby colorful puddings
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Kirby Colorful Puddings Will Appear for a Limited Time

Benelic has revealed that it will sell Kirby puddings in various alternate colors for a limited time throughout the Summer of 2024 in Japan. These colors will temporarily accompany the existing pink Kirby pudding.

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The original pink-colored Kirby pudding has been available for purchase with a strawberry flavor. The extra colors that will be available temporarily are yellow from orange, blue from lychee, and green from the green apple (which is better known in Japan as “Ao-Ringo / Blue Apple”). All variants will have the exact same price tag of 950 yen (~$5.90).

These pudding jars will be available for purchase at the two Kirby Cafe Petit outlets in Tokyo and Osaka. The Tokyo outlet is located in the Tokyo Character Street inside the First Avenue of Tokyo Station. Meanwhile, the Osaka outlet is on the sixth floor of Tennoji MIO.

These Petit outlets are different from the main cafe outlets that often hold season-exclusive Kirby-themed meals, such as the pineapple-themed menu in Summer 2024. The main cafe outlet in Tokyo is located at the Tokyo Sky Tree Solamachi, while the other outlet is situated in Hakata, Fukuoka.

Most of the Kirby Colorful Puddings will be available for purchase at Kirby Cafe Petit outlets in Tokyo and Osaka from July 10, 2024, until September 1, 2024. Only the strawberry-flavored pink Kirby pudding will remain available for the foreseeable future.

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