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Kirby, Mario Party, And Super Mario System Icons Added To Nintendo Badge Arcade


kirby badge arcade


Some of the Nintendo Badge Arcade icons are more than Nintendo 3DS Home screen decorations. A few of them actually act as shortcuts. These can replace the regular system icons, allowing a person to hide the older,, standard ones in a folder. As part of the December 15 Nintendo Badge Arcade update, shortcuts based on Mario Party 10, Super Mario Bros., and the Kirby games are available.


There are four grabbers with system icon badges. Two are Kirby-themed and offer replacements for the eShop, music player, Mii Plaza, Mii Maker, Download Play, camera, daily activity, and Settings. Two more feature eight Super Mario icons as well, all for the same functions. Finally, one catcher has al eight of the Mario Party 10 shortcuts.


In addition to these five grabbers, 24 others are available. Seven feature Animal Crossing badges, seven have Super Mario Bros. badges, five have icons based on Yoshi’s Woolly World, and five offer other Mario Party 10 characters and board designs. All 29 grabbers will be available for two days, which means they’ll be gone on December 17.


All of these badges in this update are only available in the North American Nintendo Badge Arcade. Updates vary in the Nintendo 3DS shop from region to region.

Jenni Lada
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