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Kirby’s Dream Buffet is Coming to Switch in Summer 2022

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Nintendo has announced Kirby’s Dream Buffet, a four-player Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch that will release sometime in Summer 2022. The new announcement trailer gives fans a first glimpse at how the game will look and play. The Japanese Kirby account also confirmed that the game will support online multiplayer.

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Kirby’s Dream Buffet is the latest announced Kirby game, following the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land earlier this year. The official announcement indicates that the game will be similar to other titles in the party game genre. The game supports up to four-player multiplayer, with players taking control of various different-colored Kirby. The goal of the game is to collect strawberries across a food-themed obstacle course. At the end of the race, the players are literally weighed to see how many strawberries they’ve collected, with the heaviest Kirby being crowned the winner.

The rules for collecting these strawberries may vary. In addition to a racing mode that mimics games like Fall Guys, there will also be other game modes where racing takes a back seat. These include a mini-game where players collect falling strawberries, as well as a battle royale mode where they can bump into other players and steal them.

You can check out the Kirby’s Dream Buffet announcement trailer below:

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is in development and will release in Summer 2022 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. There is no confirmed price or release date information.

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