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Kirby’s Gone Cube-y In This BoxBoy April Fool’s Switcharoo


kirby qbby 1

In a surprising twist, HAL Labs announced today that Kirby is going to be cube-shaped from now on, taking after HAL Lab’s other beloved mascot, Qbby from the BoxBoy series.


kirby qbby 2

According to HAL Labs, the move to an edgier design is so that fans can better appreciate Kirby from all sides, and so that they can develop the Kirby series in multifaceted ways.


Here are some of the games Cube-y Kirby will star in the near future:

Cubed Kirby: Star Allies



Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Cubed+



Meanwhile, on Qbby’s side…

kirby qbby 5

Please welcome… CircleBoy!


kirby qbby 6

CircleBoy is a simple game where you can create new circles in order to reach the goal. You can jump on top of circles in order to reach higher places, or run on top of them to avoid lasers.



kirby qbby 7 kirby qbby 8


Some of Sphere-y’s antics in 4koma form. In the left one, Sphere-y tries out his abilities… which might include inhaling objects?! In the right one, Sphere-y’s decided to play a different game altogether.


Cubed Kirby: Star Allies is available on Nintendo Switch. Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Cubed+ is available on Nintendo 3DS. The latest CircleBoy game releases for Nintendo Switch on April 26, 2019.

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