Kirby’s Super Star Stacker On SNES Fan Translation Completed


super star stacker 1

Kirby’s Super Star Stacker, a puzzle game that was the final Kirby series game released on the SNES, has finally been fan translated into English.


The game’s fan translation started but was left abandoned until now, with TheDanaAddams and Reld helping finish off the project. The game is a remake of Kirby’s Star Stacker on Game Boy, and features a story that eventually has Kirby facing off against Gryll, who has cameo’d in several Kirby-related media since.


Check out the screenshots below:

super star stacker 2 super star stacker 3

super star stacker 4 super star stacker 5

You can find the game’s fan translation here.


Kirby’s Super Star Stacker released on SNES in 1998.

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