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Your Kissing Partners In Exstetra Take Revenge When You Get Hurt In Battle




A new day, a new chance to smooch the ones you love is what makes a great start to the bright and sunny days in Exstetra. Carrying on from the previous gameplay video, this continues the conversation while showing off more of the kissing RPG’s gameplay. The trailer starts off with enchanting, which we’ve mentioned is how players will gain and use skills in the game. It seems there will be a limit to how much can be enchanted on items such as weapons, although once there you can freely continue to upgrade the ability by enchanting it further.  Accessories look like they can take a lot more though.


They then take a jaunt through Akihabara’s ruined dungeons where they show off a new piece of information, the Pair Revenge – a new reveal, we’re not sure if this is a skill players have to equip or just a mechanic. Either way, it gets raised when you raise relationship levels between characters, and if one or the other character is attacked, a free counterattack goes through from their paired partner.



We do also get two unstated points which confirm a few things. First, that it doesn’t matter who kills a monster – Ryoma sucks up their EXS energies anyway in the video, which puts that matter to rest. Secondly, that battles are indeed completely random encounter types. You can cheer or groan depending on what sort of battle system you prefer there.


Exstetra will be available November 7th for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.