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Kissing RPG Exstetra’s Latest Character Is A Skilled Swordsman



While we’ve seen stranger RPGs that require you to make children in order to save the world, Unchained Blades makers, FuRyu, gives them a run for their money with Exstetra, an upcoming PlayStation Vita and 3DS RPG that requires you to kiss others in order to unlock their hidden powers to save the world.


The latest information on the game features a new character.





Prior to being summoned to Amasia and having his powers awakened as a Prisma Knight, Jin was a young swordsman with monster fighting experience under his belt. He used to be part of a kendo club, and even participated in interscholastic tournaments. Jin is skilled in the arts of war and peace, but he can be a little obstinate at times.


Before meeting Exstetra’s main character Ryoma, Jin was able to take care of himself using his own skills; however, after being saved by Ryoma and the others, he had awakened to his powers as a Prisma Knight.



Although he has his powers awakened as a Prisma Knight, Jin still can’t seem to lower his guard when he’s around Ryoma and the others.



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Jin’s “Illusion Flash Slash” shows an illusion of himself, as he attacks enemies using his high speed. Jin will have many other sword-based skills, demonstrating his excellent skills as a swordsman.


Exstetra is slated for release on October 17th for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.


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