Klang Is A Rhythm Game About Kicking Butt Instead Of Matching Beats



There are plenty of rhythm-based games about dancing. Loads of them. Klang is slightly different as, rather than dancing, it’s about fighting and exploring neon-lit gauntlets.


In it, you play as the titular entity, who is described as a “tuneblade wielding elite rave warrior.” He carries a large stick to kick butt to a groove while flinging himself across moving platforms and over the corpses of those he’s raved to death. But, this is no joke, poor Klang is on a quest to free himself from the shackles of the soundlord Sonus. You might say that he’s a slave to the rhythm (eh?).


At the moment, there isn’t much more to be said about Klang. That about covers it. Do watch the trailer above, though, and check it out on Steam Greenlight if it seems to be your kind of thing. It’s coming to PCs this fall.

Chris Priestman