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Klavier Gavin Air Guitars His Way Into Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


Capcom have updated their official Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies website with a look at the addition of Apollo Justice’s rocking rival, Klavier Gavin. In addition, we get a closer look at a previously teased third case of the game, that will take place in the middle of a school festival.


Klavier Gavin


Klavier Gavin first made his appearance as Apollo’s rival in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. He is an elite prosecutor form Germany, who can be a little pretentious at times. He has battled Apollo in countless trials and teases him by calling him “Herr Forehead” (Herr = Mr. in German), to poke fun of Apollo’s rather large and exposed forehead.


He was originally a lead vocalist and guitarist of his own rock band called The Gavinners, but since his band has disbanded, he’s devoted himself to his work as a prosecutor. Klavier is known for his air guitar motions and poetic expressions.


The third case is called Turnabout Academy, which takes place in Juniper’s school, called the Themis Law School.


Juniper Woods appeared in the first case as a high school defendant. She is a childhood friend of Athena Cykes and is currently a third-year student at the academy. She also appears to be the head of the student council. Her dream is to become a judge and she attends a “Judge Class” at the academy to help achieve her goal. She is quite the determined young girl, but she also has a weak body that seems to get the best of her at times.


While Athena and Juniper are conversing, a murder case unexpectedly occurs. It doesn’t take long for the hot-blooded detective Fulbright to appear and wrongfully accuse her of the crime. It will be up to Athena to clear her childhood friend’s name.


Some of the clues that will be helping Phoenix and the gang solve the case are a newspaper article that mentions a love-triangle between Juniper and two other male students, and a suspicious man who hides his identity using a cardboard box. The mysterious man who goes by the name of Uwasa Atsume (which means Rumor Collector in Japanese) may know something about the case. It is said that he also has various items hidden in his box that may be crucial in solving the case.



However, the boxed man won’t comply all that easily. Apollo will need to use his bracelet for using the Perceive ability, that allows him to see through lies by observing people’s nervous habits. He’ll be able to use it as an investigational technique to get the truth out of Uwasa Atsume and others. If successful, the boxed man will spill the truth and tell you everything he knows.


When a lawyer and prosecutor meet in Ace Attorney, that could only mean the start of big trial. This time it will be Apollo and Klavier who will unexpectedly be stepping up to the school’s courtroom, for yet another battle of wits between the two rivals. Who will prevail?


Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is slated for release on July 25th in Japan and this Fall in the West on Nintendo 3DS.

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