Klonoa Staff Celebrate The Game’s 22nd Anniversary With Art And Arrangement


Today marks the 22nd anniversary of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile‘s release in Japan on PlayStation, and the game’s director and one of the composers celebrated the occasion with some art and an arrangement.

The game follows Klonoa on his journey alongside his friend Huepow on a quest to save the world of Phantomile from nightmares. After the game’s release, it would spawn a direct sequel, several spin-off titles, and a remake on Nintendo Wii before quietly going into hibernation. There were plans for an animated feature, which were sadly revealed to be cancelled early this year. However, in September, a trademark for Klonoa Encore trademarked by Bandai Namco appeared in Japan, leading to speculation.

Both director Hideo Yoshizawa, and composer Kohta Takahashi left Bandai Namco to become freelancers, but they both still have a lot of love for the series. Yoshizawa wrote, “Today is Klonoa‘s 22nd anniversary! Thanks for all the never-ending support! Please look after the little guy from now on as well.”

Meanwhile, Takahashi’s short arrangement of ‘Lunatea Waltz’, ‘L’il Waltz’ speaks for itself:

Klonoa released on PlayStation on December 11, 1997 in Japan. It released in North America and Europe in 1998.

Alistair Wong
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