Knives Out Evangelion Event Brings WILLE to the Battle Royale

Knives Out x Evangelion

The hit mobile battle royale game Knives Out is bringing some plus-sized guests to its hundred-player battles: The Eva units of Neon Genesis Evangelion. In a new collaboration event currently exclusive to the game’s Japanese edition, players will be able to unlock vehicles, cosmetic items, and gear related to the Rebuild of Evangelion anime films. They’ll also play special stages with bespoke gameplay and mechanics inspired by the movies, including fights with Angels, the iconic foes from the show.

Check out a trailer for the Knives Out Evangelion collaboration event below:

Knives Out is a multiplayer shooter based on mobile platforms (a PC client is also available in some regions) and run by Netease. As with games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale, large groups of players are dropped onto a large map and made to scavenge for weapons and items. Then they’ll fight each other as the map slowly shrinks, until a single team (or individual) remains standing.

This Evangelion crossover event is actually the third time the game has collaborated with the brand, though new items and vehicles have been added to the offering this time. This time the source is Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo (a.k.a. Evangelion: Q) the third film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. The new items will include a new car based on Eva Unit-01’s colors, a car based on Unit-02’s “Beast Mode”, and even the AAA Wunder, a massive floating battleship that also serves as the headquarters of WILLE.

The new game mode will feature fights against a massive angel, specifically Ramiel, a diamond-shaped Angel equipped with a powerful beam weapon. Players can shoot at Ramiel’s core, and even transform into the Eva units to fight at an appropriate size.

Knives Out is available on iOS and Android. The Knives Out x Evangelion collaboration event will run from August 20, 2020 to September 3, 2020. Puzzle and Dragons is also running its own Evangelion crossover.

Josh Tolentino
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