Knives Out Resident Evil Collaboration to Feature Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil Knives Out

NetEase has announced a Resident Evil collaboration event for its battle royale game, Knives Out. The Resident Evil and Knives Out collaboration event allows players to obtain cosmetics based on popular character Leon S. Kennedy. Additionally, costumes based on Ada Wong and Nemesis are available to obtain for a limited time. The event begins on July 29 and last until August 12, 2021. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The collaboration brings a total of five new types of gun skins to the game. Each of these skins is based on a motif from the Resident Evil series. This includes a gun inspired by Nemesis, Umbrella, and Leon S. Kennedy. Other skins that players can receive as part of the collaboration include unique skins for vehicles. Players can also obtain a parachute with the Umbrella logo or a commemorative statue of a Licker.

Knives Out has previously collaborated with other series to bring unique collaboration items to the game. In August 2020, Knives Out held a Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration event, which saw similarly inspired items added into the game. This included unique cosmetics and even the option to fight with Angels on the battlefield.

Knives Out is available on iOS and Android. The Knives Out and Resident Evil collaboration event begins on July 29 and ends on August 12, 2021.

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