Knowledge Is Power In MMORPG Black Desert


Did you think upcoming MMORPG Black Desert was done with letting you just build the exterior of your home? Far from it– you can also deck out the interior to your own desires.


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Among the many things you can add to the house, one of the most important for players will be the bookcase. Here, you’ll be able to brush up on learning and knowledge. This confers one of several things, from buffs that enhance reputation boosts to new Alchemy and other recipe discoveries.



Being in a house all by yourself is rather lonesome, so why not become a cat lover? This is the first pet that’s mentioned players can obtain, though there might be more.



Here’s a shot of fishing, which is another available minigame



Black Desert is planned for a PC release in Korea. A release in Russia has been confirmed, and the game has also confirmed an English client though no release plans for the (further) West yet.


Thanks, ThisisGame.