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Are Koei Tecmo Teasing Ar noSurge Plus For The West?



Last year, Koei Tecmo released Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star in English, while Japan got an enhanced version with Ar noSurge Plus. Koei Tecmo Europe’s latest tweet sounds like they’re teasing an announcement for the RPG by Gust.


While the tweet in question doesn’t confirm that their announcement will be for Ar noSurge Plus, the symbol shows two girls, which we can see as the two key characters of Ion and Casty. The music notes can be seen as the “song magic” theme of the game, and finally, the plus symbol for the title.


We’ll keep you guys up to date once information from Koei Tecmo becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check back in our earlier report to see some of the extra stuff that the game gets in the enhanced version, Ar noSurge Plus.

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