Koei Tecmo Wants Fans’ Opinions About a Possible Monster Rancher 2 Enhanced Port

Monster Rancher 2

While there was a rather successful enhanced Monster Rancher port on the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in 2019 in Japan, more may be on the way. Koei Tecmo is now teasing a possible Monster Rancher 2 port with a tweet the company posted on June 15, 2020.

Essentially, what Koei Tecmo is asking is what sorts of improvements players would want if an enhanced Monster Rancher 2 port similar to the first game would be made. The company hopes players will provide feedback by tweeting about the finer points of the game and things players hope can be improved if such a port comes out. Opinions will be collected until June 29, 2020, and tweets must be tagged with #MF2の良いところ変えたいところ (Good things and improvements for Monster Rancher 2).

Some of the changes made to the first game included a CD database to create monsters, due to the lack of CD drives on the new platforms, online and local Versus Modes, and an optional autosave feature. In an update, more save slots and CD database support was added, as well as “ten monsters from another continent,” which at its announcement already had fans speculating whether a Monster Rancher 2 port was in the works.

Monster Rancher 2 originally released on PlayStation.

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