KOF XV King Moveset Will Have ‘Older Attacks Making a Big Comeback’

kof xv king moveset attacks

After each The King of Fighters XV character is revealed, notes and art from Character Designer Tomohiro Nakata appear on Twitter. Typically, these discuss how the characters will look in this installment, compared to past appearances. When it comes to the KOF XV King reveal, Nakata’s remarks instead hinted at what people might be able to expect from her moveset.

Here’s Nakata’s exact statement on King in KOF XV.

King’s 3D model has gone through some tweaks, making her far more ferocious and beautiful than her previous iteration. Also look forward to her older attacks making a big comeback in KOF XV.

The KOF XV reveal trailer and initial screenshots for King already hinted at some of her attacks returning in her moveset. For example, we saw her with her trademark Surprise Rose special attack, which also appeared in games like KOF XIII and XIV, against Iori. She used Venom Strike in that initial video too. Around the halfway point, she even used both Trap Shot and Tornado Kick. Once she started fighting Joe, she also used the Double Strike attack again.

The King of Fighters XV will appear in 2021. SNK hasn’t announced platforms for it yet. The trailer for the next character should appear on April 7, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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