KoMETA Vtubers Miria and Virgil Will Graduate

KoMETA Vtubers Miria and Virgil Will Graduate
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KoMETA, a Vtuber agency centered in the Philippines, announced Miria and Virgil will both graduate on June 26, 2023. It cited “findings on recent actions” and “non-renewal of contracts” as the reason both will be leaving. Their final streams will be staggered, so fans can watch both. The announcement noted Virgil’s will be two hours earlier at “6pm,” though a time zone isn’t noted. Miria’s will follow at “8pm.”

The departure of Miria and Virgil means that KoMETA will have no active talents as of June 27, 2023. The company launched its first generation in December 2021, with these two performers debuting alongside Elaine. However, in May 2022 Elaine graduated for health reasons.

Here’s KoMETA’s official announcement regarding its last two Vtubers graduating. It noted it will retire their content, but plans to still pass along fan letters and continue as an agency for performers.

Here’s Miria’s message to fans regarding the news. The decision seems to have been an abrupt one, as on May 31, 2023 she was talking about how she ordered equipment to work on merchandise.

Meanwhile, here’s Virgil’s message regarding the upcoming graduation.

Both Miria and Virgil are Vtubers who primarily streamed on YouTube for KoMETA.

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