Konami’s Dragon Collection Is Being Turned Into An RPG



Konami has a really popular game that you’ve probably heard of. It’s called Dragon Collection, and it’s made the made them a lot of money over the years, spinning off into its own anime and manga series, and even other titles inspired by it, such as Star Wars Collection and Sengoku Collection.


While Dragon Collection is a card collecting game, that’s going to change with an entirely updated version of the game that elevates it from just being a card game to a full on monster-collecting RPG for both iOS and Android, much like GungHo’s push of Puzzle and Dragons into the full-on RPG sphere with Puzzle and Dragons Z for 3DS.



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The game has a flick action gimmick that might be reminiscent of Wonderflick. You’ll be able to move your character around in an RPG-world and battling foes using flick movements with your thumb that activate special attacks and other forms of commands, making it playable with one hand.


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While the game world is the same as the first, it’s set about 600 years prior to the first game, with you accompanying the child protagonist and odd swordswoman Meru as they travel the world, interacting in what looks like a full-on RPG mode with quests and areas to explore.



Dragon Collection is expected to be out some time in 2014 as a free-to-play game for iOS and Android.

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