Nintendo 3DS

Konami’s Secret Sleeper Hit Gets A Re-Release In Japan This Holiday


Just in time for the holiday season, Konami are re-releasing their life-simulation sleeper hit, Magician’s Quest: Town of Magic, in a special pack with a price drop included.


While most of our readers probably haven’t even heard of Magician’s Quest, it’s been a very successful series of games for Konami in Japan. The original Magician’s Quest game, released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS, sold just 72,000 copies in its first week but went on to sell close to 475,000 copies over the next few years. Later games in the series showed similar trends as well.


To put this in perspective, Magician’s Quest is more successful than LovePlus, Konami’s breakout hit dating-sim franchise.


Now that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has had a chance to attract a more casual audience to the Nintendo 3DS, it seems like an opportune time for Magician’s Quest: Town of Magic rake in a few more buyers. The game lets player take on the role of an aspiring magician, attending a magic academy and opening their own stores to sell goods.


The new special package Konami are releasing Town of Magic in will come with additional downloadable items which include a cute shop and more. The game’s origina retail price was 4,980 yen but the new pack will drop the price to 2,940 yen (About $30), which should prove to be an enticing deal for anyone looking to pick a cheap game up this holiday. The re-release will go on sale from November 21st.