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Korean Arena Battler Smashing The Battle Shows Off Its Big Action For PS4


One-man Korean developer Studio HG presented its upcoming PlayStation 4 arena battler Smashing The Battle at Sony Korea’s recent press conference.


It takes place in 2085 at the Multiplex Construction Site. The story goes as described by the developer goes like this:


“Upon midnight, Beholder Industries, the company in charge of the construction site as well as the construction itself, became a victim of a massive scale hacking incident.

Due to the hack, the construction androids, ‘Constructor’ have started to attack the construction site workers, and the huge multiplex construction site became the lair of the responsible offender.

Simultaneously, the construction supervisor, Sarah O’Connell, who was sleeping at the construction site lodge, awoke from the strange tremors and thus started the unforgettable episode that lasted 12 hours.”


Smashing The Battle is divided into two story chapters in which you play two different characters. There’s also a Challenge mode, an upgrade station and shop, as well character and armor customization.


The action focuses on evading lots of enemies and projectiles and then following up with devastating attacks once you see a gap. You’ll also be out to rescue other construction workers.


You can keep track of Smashing The Battle on its website.

Chris Priestman