Korean Hack-‘N’-Slash MMORPG ELOA Gets A Western Beta Test On October 13th


South Korean publisher WEBZEN has announced that its “triple-action” hack-‘n’-slash MMORPG ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance will get a beta test in North America and Europe on October 13th (thanks MMOSite).


You can sign-up to be part of this beta test with a account over on the game’s website.


The “triple-action” that WEBZEN uses to describe ELOA refers to the three tactical stances that you switch between during battle. Each stance offers a different play style and has a different function towards victory.


ELOA has five different classes and four playable races. There’s the usual range of quests, dungeon raids, and PvP battles on offer and also has an extensive pet and costume system.

Chris Priestman