Kotobukiya Unveils Genshin Impact Traveler Figures

Genshin Impact Traveler Figure

Kotobukiya will be selling figures of the male and female Traveler from Genshin Impact. While pre-orders are not yet open, the company announced that the figures will be available for pre-order in the “near future.” The figures are 1/7 scale. Kotobukiya has not announced an official price for either figure.

The 1/7 scale figures recreate both versions of the Traveler protagonist character from Genshin Impact. Aether, the male version, and Lumine, the female version, are twin siblings that travel the universe. At the beginning of the game, players are required to choose one of the characters as the protagonist.

Notably, the figures are based on each character’s character card design. Aether, with his arm outstretched, wields his sword and wears a flowing cape. Lumine wields the same sword and wears her white dress. Both figures feature intricate details, such as Aether’s earrings, Lumine’s floral hairpins, and various metal buckles and accessories. Furthermore, each figure comes with its own stand resembling the terrain of the game’s starting area, with a wooden signpost, fences, and grass.

You can get a better look at each Genshin Impact Traveler figure in the screenshots below:

Previously, Kotobukiya unveiled a similar figure of Barbara from Genshin Impact. Her figure is also 1/7 scale, and costs ¥19,580 (about $141). While Kotobukiya has not announced an official price for the Lumine and Aether figures, you can expect the figures to run for around the same price.

The Genshin Impact Traveler figures are currently in development. There is no confirmed pre-order open date or price.

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