Kritika Update Unlocks Awakening Abilities For New Character Eclair



Gamevil has updated Kritika: The White Knights to unlock the game the Awakening abilities of its newest character, Eclair.


As with all Awakened characters, Eclair receives an increase in skill power and gets new visual animations for some of her abilities. Her upgrades include the Awakened Double-edged Sword (throw even more swords at enemies), Awakened Phantom Blade (two ghosts appear to shoot enemies), and Awakened Overedge (send out a pair of boomerang swords), among others.


That’s not all. This update also introduces the new ethereal pet Moloch who gives a 50 percent chance to do additional damage as convert inflicted damage into mana.


There’s also a new Tower of Tribulation boss called Laoku, the Meteorite Bag has been expanded to store five more Meteorites, and a new option to skip animations for combine/enhancement on equipment combine, gem enhance, pet refine, pet enhance, and pet combine.

Chris Priestman