Kritika’s Cute But Deadly Nobleria Class Shows Off Her Big Weapons


Announced back in mid-November and due to arrive in the Chinese and South Korean versions of the smartphone RPG this December, Kritika’s Nobleria class has a new video in which she shows off her moves.


As you’ll see in the video, the Nobleria class specializes in heavy and explosive weaponry. For up-close encounters she’ll happily swing a large hammer, torch you with a flamethrower, or shove a huge chainsaw in the faces of her enemies. For attacks at a distance she has missile launchers and gatling guns dishing out huge damage.


Oh, and then there’s that nuke she sets off at the end of the video after smacking its big red launch button with her hammer. She’s also shown wearing both a dress and a sailor’s outfit in the video.

Chris Priestman