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Kunio-kun’s Sports Festival Game For PS3 Will Release This February In Japan



Instead of fighting off thugs, Kunio and his eternal rival Riki will be competing in various sports events in Downtown Hot-Blooded March: Let’s Go to the Great Sports Meet for PlayStation 3. The official website shares more information on the upcoming game.


While most Kunio-kun games have you play as Kunio, this time around, the game’s single player mode will have you make your own thug for the competitive sporting events.


Players will get to make their own characters and customize them starting with their name and appearace features such as hairstyle, face parts, hair color, and skin tone. These characters can level up through winning events, and also learn special moves.


Since the majority of the game is about sporting events, there will be all kinds of characters, with over 100 characters from the series, and new characters alike. There will also be new teams as well.


Back to the subject of special moves. In the previous game, you were restricted to using them only in tournament fights, but they will also implement them in some way for other events, so it sounds like learning these moves will be pretty crucial for victory.


More details on the game’s new features outside of single player mode, are expected to be revealed in the near future.


Downtown Hot-Blooded March: Let’s Go to the Great Sports Meet will release in Japan on February 11, 2015 for PlayStation 3.

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