Kuraburo Kai Offers Classic Brick-Breaking Gameplay With A Ninja Spin


Brick Breaker Kuraburo Kai

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Kuraburo Kai is a brick-breaker action game with a ninja theme from developer syuuyuusya. Players strive to quickly clear away blocks of bricks using one of five colorfully dressed ninja. Honing your ninja skills to efficiently break bricks with the fastest time is the goal.


Colorful Ninja in Kuraburo Kai


The little ninjas give players several playstyle options. Each has a distinctive “ninja art” to master featuring different elemental abilities like fire and lightning. Plus, the ninjas have their own sound effects to give them some added personality to go along with their bright outfits.


Instead of launching balls at the bricks, the ninja throw shuriken at them in addition to using their special attacks. Shuriken use a power bar system that grants them extra power when the gauge is full. See the action for yourself in the gameplay video below.



Kuraburo Kai has recently launched on PC via Steam.

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