Nintendo 3DS

Kuroko’s Basketball: Ties to the Future Goes In The Zone With A New Trailer



While we’ve seen Kuroko’s Basketball get a basketball simulation title on the PSP, Ties to the Future for 3DS will let you control players freely, and also interact with other characters. The game’s latest trailer shows us some gameplay for the upcoming Basuke game.


The trailer starts out with Kurokocchi telling Kagami about the new game, while showing off a bit of some basketball action with the characters in chibi-style. The bottom screen shows a look at all the characters on the court, while the top screen shows the action.


Next, they show how you’ll get to visit town, and visit places like gyms. Kuroko’s Basketball: Ties to the Future will have you participate in tournaments, and also recruit members to create your own team.


The game has its own original story, with fully-voiced event scenes from the voice actors of the Kuroko’s Basketball anime series as well. It looks like there are all kinds of sub-scenarios, where you’ll get to see all kinds of characters interact amongst one another.



Kuroko’s Basketball: Ties to the Future will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. First-print copies include a drama CD (is that Midorima sporting a kimono for women?), and a download code that will let you sport Teiko Junior High’s uniform.

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