Nintendo 3DS

Kuroko’s Got Style But This Ain’t About Basketball



Please forgive us since we, too, were confused when this landed in our laps. Kuroko Style has absolutely nothing to do with the far more well-known basketball and hot men frenzy that is Kuroko’s Basketball, despite sharing its first name.



It seems that this is a side-scrolling adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop with various costumes… which don’t seem to have any discernable effect. Sure, there’s a dragon’s head, pumpkin head and fox head on display for your completely black or “kuro ko” (Black child, literally, and where the title comes from) to don and use, but what they do is unknown. Hell, the game even tells us you can “dress up your character any way you like”. So…. uhm… why?



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We’ll let you know when we figure the mystery out ourselves. Kuroko Style will be out spring 2014 on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan’s eShop.