PlayStation 3

Kuroneko And Ayase Introduce My Little Sister For PS3


Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute HappyenD, the PS3 game adaptation based on the popular novel/anime series. Narrating the video are the members of the Dark Alliance, Kuroneko and Ayase. They are two of the five heroines you’ll guide to the top of the idol world.



Because Kuroneko is a chuunibyou, she writes “idol” with the kanji “偶像” (idol, the statue kind).


As the girls’ manager, you will man the camera in photo sessions, where you can select their location, outfits, poses, and expressions. After you take their pictures, you can save them to your PS3. If you try to take strange pictures of Ayase, she will accuse you of sexual harassment and may kill you.


My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute HappyenD will be released for the PlayStation 3 on September 26. The limited edition will include a special Blu-ray Disc, music CD, and download code for a white shirt costume. The first press run will also come with a download code for all of the CG illustrations from the two My Little Sister PSP games.