-Kyōfu No Sekai- World Of Horror Is Inspired By The Works Of Junji Ito




-Kyōfu No Sekai- World of Horror is heavily inspired by the works of Junji Ito, taking players to a world of cults, cosmic
monstrosities, and deeply disturbed people for its adventure gameplay.




Players will wander through a world that bears similarities to old Macventure games like The Uninvited and Shadowgate, finding information and useful items as they try to solve mysteries involving cosmic horrors and dangerous people. Using a dice and stat-based system, players
will take actions as they explore, or choose how to handle themselves in a fight against unsettling horrors.


The game is presented in a 1-bit art style, one that helps capture the Ito-like look and atmosphere of the game’s sickening events, bizarre places, and distorted beings. There will be many different horrors to witness, as well, as the game
features multiple mysteries and unsettling scenarios for players to explore. A woman stitching extra ribs into her chest is only the beginning of the horrifying things players will witness.




Players looking to start their mystery solving and monster fighting can do so through the available demo for -Kyōfu No Sekai- World of Horror, which is on

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