La-Mulana 2 Hits Funding Goal, But Still Searching For Gold



Last week we reported that the side-scrolling, dungeon-delving Metroid-esque La-Mulana 2 was closing in on funding on Kickstarter. We’re happy to note that developers Nigoro are now getting ready to sit on a pile of cash and have a curry party live on Twitch.TV with the successful reaching of its funding goal.


…and their director, Takumi Naramura, will eat curry for three days straight morning, noon, and night. Yes Japan, we still love you.


While it’s not looking likely that the game will reach any of the actual gameplay stretch goals, that could still change if you’re interested in pitching in with less than a week to go.


If you’re still interested in backing, the special one to note is the $150 tier. This is the physical tier copy which comes with a pile of extras, but importantly also comes with a physical edition of La-Mulana 1, which is being specially produced just for this Kickstarter. It’ll also really help them reach those stretch goals!


According to the latest update post, there’s even a demo possibly ready. We’ll keep an eye out for that.